An eco­house is an environmentally responsible home, built and designed using low carbon materials and technology that work in harmony with its natural surroundings. Their low energy consumption and waste ethos make them a healthier place to live and ensures their resale value is always high. Eco homes are a favourite choice for builders and homebuyers today, with natural building materials, superior insulation and cost effective heating systems used to reduce ongoing running costs; while allowing for a warmer home.

Yes. We partner for full design services with our in house designers, architects and builders. Our focus is on listening to your needs and dreams, so our experienced team can support and educate you in building the perfect home for you and yours.

All domestic new builds require planning permission with the local authorities. We can adapt a package to an existing permission or help you achieve a new permission. The cost of planning will be billed to you directly from our professional services. We can discount a price to include these works.

Passive House is a voluntary International building standard that surpasses traditional building standards. Strict performance requirements ensure Passive Homes can reduce energy use by up to 90% compared to conventional buildings. With an energy efficient exterior and a healthy interior temperature, passive homes are leading the way in the building world. This revolutionary approach is focused on responsibly reducing carbon footprint; while creating a healthy, comfortable and affordable home.

Our homes maintain a constant, comfortable and healthy temperature, regardless of outdoor temperatures. Our homes exceed building regulations by up to 250%, with a low U­Value that ensures the age‐old problem of heat loss is solved. We use an intelligent air barrier that minimises air leaks and a superior weather‐tight rainscreen, so you never need that extra jumper again.

From low manufacturing costs to efficient energy low U­Value, an eco house is cost effective in both the long and short term. Eco homes use less energy, are built to last longer and maintain a comfortable temperature, without the high heating bills that usually come with a conventional home. As homebuyers are becoming more educated on the importance of owning a cost effective yet beautiful home, Eco House are meeting that need.

Our buildings are designed to last beyond 100 years. We combine 21st century building science with traditional craftsmanship to build strong, durable homes that can withstand typical damp Irish weather.

Here are just some of the reasons why an eco house surpasses a conventional built house;

  1. An eco house is much quicker to build, saving time and money.
  2. Superior materials and technology make an eco house more affordable.
  3. Eco homes are up to 90% more energy efficient than conventional builds.
  4. Eco homes are designed to Passive Standard, giving them a better resale point than conventional homes.
  5. All building is manufactured off site. This allows much greater control on site, thus avoiding expensive extras costs.
  6. A fixed price contract prevents any unexpected extra costs, often associated with a conventional build.

Our work ranges from large institutional buildings to small intimate garden rooms. Our in house designers and architects love the challenge of creating beautiful, functional spaces that transform their client’s living standards. So far we have designed and built a wide range of house extensions, commercial and institutional applications, garden rooms and tiny houses. If you’ve got something you want to build, we want to be a part of it. We’ll dream the dream with you. And make it come true.


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